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About Us

As an event florist based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, we are dedicated to creating beautiful floral designs perfectly suited to each unique event. We find inspiration for our floral designs from so many places... the many natural areas around Ann Arbor, fashion, design publications, art, vintage photographs and books, fellow floral designers and makers, etc. The most important inspiration though comes through conversations with each client... listening closely to translate an emotion, a celebration, a moment into floral designs that convey the spirit of each event in a most meaningful and personal way.

We believe flowers are more than just gorgeous, we believe flowers convey to your guests how important they are, how honored you are to host them, and the emotions and intentions that inspire an event.

Our owner and lead designer, Katherine Seeburger CF, has been head over heels in love with flowers and foliage for as long as she can remember. Inspiration began with the lilacs, peonies, and flowering almond in her mother’s garden she carried to school for her teachers. The joy of sharing the beauty of flowers remains at the heart of Katherine’s inspiration to create beautiful, personalized, distinctive floral designs for weddings and events.

Let’s talk about creating beautiful floral designs for your event!